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The Importance of finding a Dog Walker for your Pet

For decades now, dog and man have had a unique and loving relationship. Dogs have the ability to form strong bonds with humans just like humans do with their kind. They stand by their friends and adopted human family even to the point of death. This close human-dog relationship encourage more and more people to adopt dog pets. In the olden days, dogs were adopted purely for security purpose hence they would be allowed to loiter in the owner’s compound at night. However, with current population surge and lots of people moving to the main towns, dogs don’t have a place to play. This is the reason why dog owners have to organize for the pets to go out for daily walks. Maintaining this role of daily routine walks can be exhausting for some families. This is why many people prefer to hire dog walkers. This article will deliberate the advantages of finding a dog walker for your canine best friend.

Dogs need to exercise and play every day. Dogs also need to socialize with other dogs from time to time. On the contrary, denying a dog daily walks can be a recipe for poor health. In the wild or in nature, dogs are animals that are very active hence daily exercise ensures that the dog burns this energy. Other than health issues, a confined dog can have disciplined issues. Most dogs that do not exercise away from their living quarter suffer from separation anxiety and unhealthy attachment to their owners. Some of these discipline issues manifest when dogs destroy items in the house, or become unnecessarily aggressive to strangers and other dogs. When such a dog comes into contact with other dogs or strangers, they may bit and hurt them. The confined canine may start tearing shoes, cushions or pillows in the house just to show its displeasure. The fact of the matter is dog parents are busy individuals. They have to work two jobs a day, take care of their children, and make meals on a daily basis. Once the dog owner gets a minute to themselves, they are too exhausted or too cold to take their dogs out for a walk. Finding a dog walker is the best alternative for such an individual with a busy schedule.

Dog walkers are knowledgeable and in some cases trained to handle dogs. A large canine may be too strong for a young or elderly family member to handle hence need a professional walker. Further a dog walker can correct bad behavior in a dog during their routine walks. The dog trainer tames the dog’s aggressive behavior. A dog walker can also give the dog parents tips on how to handle the pet at home for better relations.