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The topic of aerodynamics is not a popular one having only a few people who truly understand it. The few people that understand this kind of language are the pilots. The knowledge that they have on this is practiced in the flying of airplanes and other air bound machines and equipment.
Aerodynamics learning is not just a walk in the park, there are certain issues that need to be taken into account considering that it is a very complex subject having its own principles and information that need to be well understood and requires a person to have full concentration and dedication to it.
There are quite a number of ways in terms of the learning styles that a person can choose to adopt to learn about the aerodynamics according to the one that fits well for them. People are not on the same page and have different ways of grasping concepts therefore one learning style cannot be universal for everyone, each person has the one that is good for them and sometimes there is a combination of two or more styles. In getting to study aerodynamics or most topics the styles of learning that you can choose to adopt are such as visual learning, auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning.
In visual type of learning, these set of people understand better with visual presentation of information and visualization of concepts.
Auditory learners follow a hearing of information concept as compared to seeing it, hearing helps them get to understand the topic at hand better.
When information on the topic at hand is presented kinesthetically, the kinesthetic learners are able to understand it better. This kind of learning experience happens when one uses their hands or body to learn.
Learning characteristics are o many different types. Learning characteristics can be listed as; it is growth both on a physical and mental front as they gain experiences of different natures, it counts as an adjustment as you are not exposed to the same kind of situation which are in most cases complex and dynamic, there is a purpose to learning that is different for each person having a goal that they are focused on, learning is an experience as you are exposed to new knowledge and skills that you did not have before, it is intelligent as you need to understand it, it is an active process, it is both the individual based and social based, it counts as the product of the environment, and affects how the learner conducts themselves in terms of behavior modification.
With learning, there are certain determinants that affect oth the process and the learner as well. Factors affecting the two are; how ready and willing the person is, motivation, learner’s ability, the goals for achievement, attention, health of the learner, maturity of the person, method of learning, over learning, knowledge of results, and good physical environment favoring it.

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