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Facts to Note About Charolais Cattle

When it comes to cattle, there are so many breeds available. Charolais cattle breed is one of the many breeds available and it is gaining a lot of (popularity today. There are so many farmers today breeding Charolais and it deems fit that you employ keenness when buying your bull or the calf. Well, there are facts that you need to acknowledge about Charolais cattle and these facts are pinpointed throughout this article.

To begin with, you need to understand that Charolais breed is the most common or the best known for siring suckler cow herds. Following this fact, Charolais cattle are mostly bred among farmers and this is a very common thing. The growth for this breed is magnificent and is an added bonus for each and every farmer who decided to keep and raise Charolais breed.

The hindquarters of these cattle are well defined. Apart from the hindquarters, you will realize that Charolais cattle have broad chests which make them stand out above other breeds. There are two colors that dominate when it comes to Charolais breed and that is cream-colored and white. This is, therefore, a continental cattle that is quite large and it can in no way compete with its continental counterparts as it exceeds their largeness greatly. An average cow weighs over 900kg and a bull will way 1,100kg on average. These cattle has distinctive color which tends to favor the farmers who breed the cattle. Many people can be able to determine the breed with as minimal knowledge or information as you could think of hence making the selling process easier.

The cattle have an adaptable coat of hair that is thick when it gets cold and tends to shorten as the weather advances into summer. Therefore, these cattle can survive even in the coldest part of the universe since their adaptive coat will avail the protection they need from the cold. Therefore, the Charolais will always cope well in the summer and winter seasons even when the winter is harsh or the summer is exceptionally sweltering.

When buying any cattle, there is a need for you to consider examining the hooves. Well, Charolais has extensively sturdy hooves. Therefore, the cattle will never have a problem walking through a rugged terrain no matter how rocky it is. Therefore, where your farm is near the mountains and the place is somewhat rocky, Charolais hooves will always work to your advantage.

Bull safety is necessitated when dealing with these cattle as they are somehow aggressive. The dams tend to act defensively whenever their offspring is near as they have strong and indisputable motherly instincts which makes them act aggressively in the pursuit of keeping their offspring safe. There is, therefore, no doubt that the Charolais breed is flighty in some instances. Caution must be employed when it comes to dealing with both the dams and the bulls.

Charolais calves are hardy. Their birth weight is something that you need to acknowledge as these calves weight quite a lot. Basically, even though the calves weigh a lot, the calving process is not only simple but attracts zero or minimal complications. Therefore, a person who manages their farm alone will have relief since they will never worry about calving complications whatsoever.

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