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Train Your Puppy for the Crate

If you want to get a dog for yourself, you might want to get a puppy so that you can grow up with it and really bond together. If you would like to get to train the new puppy that you have, there are things that you are going to have to know in order to train them well. When you get a puppy, you should be sure that you love and care for it because it is going to be a part of your family. You should always make your puppy feel safe and secure when they are with you. If you would like to learn how you can crate train your puppy, we are going to give you simple steps that you can follow to be able to do that. Let us find out how you can get to train your puppy to stay in a crate.

Before you start to train your puppy for the crate, you have to get a crate that will fit them comfortably such as those precision dog crates. Puppies and dogs can be afraid of things that they are not familiar with so you should associate those cates with your puppy. Your puppy should be used to the crate before you start putting them inside of it. Your puppy might not like to enter the crate and if they do not want to, you can bribe them with food. Make sure that they do not do their potty in those crates as that can turn them away from wanting to enter the crate. You should decide where to put the crate before you associate the puppy and crate so that you can be sure that there is no disturbance around.

If you would like to train your puppy to stay in the crate for some time, you should never rush this training. You can train them for the crate by putting them inside for short periods of times to star with. Leave your puppy in the crate longer and longer until you can leave them in there for a long time. At first, you might be able to leave them in the crate with the door locked but if you try to leave, they will cry. Do this constantly until you can get to leave your puppy in the crate and be gone for quite some time. A common mistake that many puppy owners make is that they will leave their puppy in the crate on their first day and they can traumatize your puppy and make them really hate that crate.