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Defining the Third Place and Its Importance

Most of us today do not have what is referred to as a third place. A sociologist named Ray Oldenberg first formed the concept in 1989, when he explained a person’s third place to be any place in which he spends a substantial amount of time outside of home and work – for instance, a salon or a restaurant.

An necessary factor in a third place is social experience with individuals who have common views or interests. It is intended to attract people to come and stay awhile. Coffee shops have tables and couches, while bars have stools and booths where people can sit comfortably with friends. Spending time there never feels like a chore. It’s close to setting up camp inside your home.

A good third place is near a person’s home or workplace, and is easy to access as well. Simply put, there is no need spend too much time and energy to go there. People come and go without issues or planning. Ideally, they can walk to the spot, but public transportation or a quick drive is a good option.

Also, the best third places are those that are free or, at least, inexpensive. There’s no need to spend so much to hang out there, whether to pay for drinks, membership, and so on. This means everyone can go and spend time, regardless of their income bracket. This temporarily erases social hierarchy from the picture. Everyone is an equal, like Jim the Surgeon and Eddie the Barber. They’re spending time together and rank is nonexistent.

The Importance of a Third Place

A third place is far more than a cool place for hanging out. It’s a must in everyone’s life. The office is hardly a place for having a round of drinks with the boys, and the same is true for the home. To socialize, it is important to go to a place that is meant for socialization. No matter life seems to play it cool, having an escape from the typical home-work routine is a must. A third place is meant for that purpose in particular. It’s important to see that the replacements people have come up with for this true connection ? whether it’s Netflix or social media and so on ? don’t truly provide for our social needs. There is no way a digital third place can ever be a real third place. The moment people actually venture out and live life, they will stress less about cheap entertainment or how everything seems to be out of place. Therefore, they must find a third place, which can have a large impact on howthey think and enjoy life in general.

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