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Why Go to Church

Christians love going to church. They spare their precious time whenever they can to congregate at their respective sanctuaries to worship and praise the Lord. It is something that is imparted on them from at a tender age thus grows up to become believers of Christ. It is in the church that the believers go to whenever they have a problem that burdens their hearts. It is here that they get to pray and cry out their trouble unto Jesus their Lord and savior for it is believed that at the cross all their burdens were taken away by Christ when he was crucified for their sins. The church is considered to be the house of the Lord thus a holy place where worship to the most-high is conducted by the believers and where their refuge lies.

Several reasons exist as to why you need to go to church one of them being the atmosphere of worship found in such places. In the church, you are most likely to find believers who share in your faith and have something at heart that they would like to share in secret with the most-high at His temple thus you too can get to talk to the Lord your God in prayer secretly as the mood is set right by the praise and worship team that sets the pace for worship right just about when worship is about to be conducted as the bible confirms that where two or more are gathered I will be among them says the Lord.
Another reason why you need to go to church is the community of faithful you get to meet at such venues. It is in the church that you get to meet different people whom you share common religion with hence find it easy to compare notes on a few things about your faith thus one finds that they are growing in faith by simply sitting down whenever they are free as this does not necessarily have to take place within the church vicinity but rather you can meet up somewhere or even contact one another on the phone as this is usually important when say during the week a brethren needs prayer while admitted in hospital then the fellow church members can organize themselves for prayers on behalf of one of them.

Lastly is the sense of belonging. You all want to feel loved, cared for, and appreciated as these are human nature. As a Christian, you get to feel this while amid fellow believers not to forget that it is in the church that you get to meet members of the same faith as yours. Therefore, by being in the same setup, you get to feel that sense of belonging that you do not get to feel anywhere else since there are numerous denominations and each of them have their beliefs thus you are most probably going to feel left out while in the company of such people thus by going to church, you get to appreciate your religion more together with your church members.

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