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Tips on Finding a Suitable Marine Stereo System

With over 276000 boats bought in 2018, it is clear that recreational boating is becoming more popular. Boating has been acknowledged for the unique experience it tends to offer. In pursuit of a better experience, you will find it prudent to consider getting a good marine stereo system. A good system will make sure that you are entertained all throughout the period. As you read more, you will learn the best features to look for on any marine stereo. Some of the key variables to look for will time and again include the following.

Ensure that you check the water resistance of the given stereo. It is likely for your standard stereo to be ruined at the first splash of water. Make sure that this stereo comes with a label of marine. Be reminded that there are various types of water resistance. One can easily submerge a waterproof system in water without getting damage yet a water resistant one will only handle a given amount of water splashes. The type of resistance will be dependent on where you want to install the system. A cabin will require a water resistant while the deck will need a waterproof stereo. Make sure that you are conversant with how much they can resist UV rays. This is especially if you choose deck installation. Considering that UV rays are magnified upon hitting the waters, they will easily cause damage to your equipment. Ensure that the faceplate and speaker cones are UV resistant.

Make sure that you are familiarized with their ability to resist corrosion. You need to keep in mind that saltwater is in a position to corrode your equipment in no time. All the internal parts need to feature a protective coating to cushion the equipment from this corrosion. This will ensure that your asset lasts for much longer too. The specs of the system will be of great essence in this process. Better specs are usually reflective of credible sound in the long run. The RMS power and frequency response will need to be quite high. You will also need to ensure that the FM sensitivity is quite low. It is through this that you will be assured of picking your favorite radio station without too much hassle.

Pay attention to the features of the stereo system, Often, stereos will vary in the features that they have. Ensure that you check if the stereo system has Bluetooth, SiriusXM, aux connection or even thumb drive ports. The features are expected to be as per what you prefer.