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Sunday 19 April, 2015

Feng Shui cures:

Item Normal Price(Rs) MSF Price(Rs)
ATai Sui Amulet 1280 880
Tai Sui Plaque 2012 2480 1880
Feng Shui Almanach 480 280
Red Crystal Om Mani padme om keychain 980 680
Wealth pot 480 280
Dragon Earth Seal 2280 2280
Dragon Heaven Seal 1980 1280

Furthermore ,a very special price of Rs 6800 , instead of Rs 10800 for all our Moving mantra watches. This is the only watch in the world which has moving mantras!

For all purchases above Rs 8800 in a single receipt, World Of Feng Shui will also be offering a very special sacred gift- The Golden Light Sutra. This is not on sale anywhere in the world and is a very sacred and powerful protection to have in one’s house.

World Of Feng Shui 

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