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Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives (Cooperatives Division)
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 The Cooperative Sector in Mauritius

Cooperatives in Mauritius play an important role in the generation of national income, the economic democratization process and the strengthening of the foundation of the present economy.  Cooperatives are democratic self-help institutions that empower people to participate in the socio-economic development of the economy.  Cooperatives can also be considered as instruments of social justice whereby a substantial number of people especially from the lower strata may improve their social and economic position thus reducing diseconomies which may arise from social imbalance.The Government of Mauritius thus reckons the importance of the cooperative sector and is therefore encouraging the development of the cooperative movement by providing the appropriate financial, fiscal and policy support. The Ministry of Business, Enterprise, and Cooperatives (Cooperatives Division) is thus facilitating the promotion and development of the cooperative movement.  There are some 920 cooperative societies in Mauritius and Rodrigues engaged in more than 30 different socio-economic activities, answering for a turnover over Rs 4.1 billion and grouping some 120,000 members.The main economic activities in which the contribution of cooperatives is significant are:
  •  production and marketing of sugar cane
  •  production and marketing of vegetable and fruit
  •  fishing
  •  livestock breeding
  •  public transport (bus owners)
  •  savings and credit
  • cooperative retail shops


Cooperatives account for: 
  •  75% of onion production
  •  70% of fresh green vegetables production
  •  40% of potato production
  •  10% of national sugar production -50% of sugar-cane planters are grouped in cooperatives
  •  40% of the national bus transport - 800 individual and private bus-owners are grouped in twelve Bus Owners Cooperative Societies.


Also, the Cooperative Credit Union (CCU) sector comprises some 150 societies with a membership of around 72,000 and accounts for a turnover exceeding Rs 2.4billion.  The cooperative women sector consists of some 70 active cooperative societies involved in various types of businesses to assist women to earn an additional source of income to support their families. 

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