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All You Need to Know About Elder Abuse

As much as it sounds cruel, a certain percentage of older adults suffer abuse in the old life. Elders can receive a form of abuse from their loved ones or people tasked to take care of them at their old age. Today, there are seven major forms of elder abuse that have been identified by the relevant authorities. Every individual must know the several different types of elder abuse if we are to help in the fight against it. It is essential to understand what elder abuse refers to before we go any deep to ensure we know how to avoid it. Elder abuse refers to any action that is performed intentionally to harm or to expose older adults to any harm.

Over the past few years of studies, it has been established that there are seven different forms of elder abuse that some older people face in their waning days. One of the forms of abuse is physical abuse. Physical abuse is the most commonly reported case of elder abuse since it is easier to identify. Besides, physical abuse is taken seriously by authorities since it is the one that can cause serious harm to an aging individual. Other types of elder abuse include sexual, emotional, neglect, abandonment, financial abuse, and self-neglect. Some of the things that may come along as a result of elder abuse include psychological injuries, injuries such as wounds, and worst case death. For that reason, it is essential to stop it. You can prevent elder abuse by bringing to justice the people that are taking advantage of most vulnerable people.

There are several different measures that we can take if we want to ensure the end of elder abuse. One of the ways that we can stop elder abuse is by putting in place systems that can prevent the risk of abuse. Social isolation is one of the elder abuses that are common in most parts of the world. Prevent social isolation is an easy task since having someone close to someone is aging can do a great deal in alleviating loneliness. Setting up community support programs for caregivers and aging individuals is one way of dealing with elder abuse that comes as a result of isolation.

Financial aging is another elder abuse that aging people face as they age. There are many forms of abuse that can be categorized as financial elder abuse. Some examples of financial elder abuse are reckless spending and withdrawals from the account of an aging individual, cutting off essential utilities such as power and water due to unpaid bills and also inappropriate purchases using an elderly person’s money. In most cases, financial elder abuse is suffered in the hands of family or close friends that the elderly people trust. Due to the trust in such people, financial elder abuse often goes unnoticed since the elderly would not raise the alarm. Since the kind of abuse is suffered in the hands of family, the solution should come from those people that are close and care for their aging parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

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