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Dentistry has become essential for every citizen. Everyone needs a dental checkup at least once a year to ensure that their dental formula and structure is healthy. One of the best services that dentists offer is restorative dentistry. This is majorly achieved through the use of dental implants. These dental implants are very useful because they form a foundation for teeth replacement so that they look, feel, and function like the normal, natural teeth. Many people lose their teeth in various incidences of their lives. They need the teeth to get restored artificially so that they can have the same confidence as they were before they lost their teeth.

Teeth play a great role in forming the shape of your face on the cheeks. Losing teeth makes one get a distorted face. That is the reason dental implants become a safer and affordable option for everyone with lost teeth to try, and their facial contours will be preserved. These dental implants are made of tiny titanium pieces that are drilled into the jaw bone area of the missing tooth. The bone will integrate with the titanium implants to form a strong foundation for the artificial teeth to be installed. These implants help in preserving the face structure and bone deterioration once you have a missing tooth.

Many people live in silence because they have missing teeth. That must no longer be the case if they accept dental implants. Make sure that you or your friends and relatives can speak, laugh, and enjoy talking every day of their lives. The installation of these implants is through dental surgery. These implants form a base to support the artificial teeth yet to be installed. See our dental service care, and you will be advised on the best options for you. We are going to schedule an appointment date when you will come and get served as you desire.

The surgical procedure is usually not complicated as many people picture in their minds. The dental procedure is pretty simple. The first surgery will involve the dentists placing these implants in your jawbone. The patient is going to take about 6 months to help the implants bond with the implants. In the meantime, the patient can use temporary dentures and make sure that they eat soft things during that period. Once the jawbone has fully integrated with the implants, these implants are uncovered, and the process of creating a new tooth begins. The new tooth is going to be attached to the implants. The procedure can take 6-8 months to get the whole process done to avoid disrupting their routine life.

We also perform the Cone Bean Computer Tomography (CBCT) on our patients. That makes our work more accurate, predictable, and safer to do. We follow the patient’s height, width, and depth to ensure firm support of the dental prosthesis. We use a 3-D model and sometimes a physical model to ensure restorative work becomes a success. We always have a complete plan before proceeding to the implant placement. This is the best and most affordable dental care clinic for everyone.

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