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Easy Campfire Recipes

Cooking out in the desert has been done by the use of cast iron dutch ovens by many people. Being versatile and easy to use when you are far from nowhere are some of the benefits of the use of these ovens. In existence are many dutch oven camping recipes. Mountain man breakfast is one of the recipes which is fun for kids. This recipe includes breakfast sausages, cheese, a pot of eggs and potatoes. Chicken and dumplings is another recipe that kids like. The recipe will have a better taste when prepared in the woods rather than at home, and it is perfect for a chilly day.

Beans with the style of West Texas is included in simple pinto beans recipe. There is another camping recipe referred to as white beans and tasso. A pot of beans that is fancier with tasty cajun ham and creamy white kidney beans is included in this recipe. Your children will get involved in breakfast if you include the dutch baby recipe that consists of an egg pancake. Red wine braised brisket, braised beef and onions whereby the onions and braised beef chuck are cooked in their juices, and dutch oven red beans and rice are some of the other favorite dutch oven camping recipes.

In this article, we have described some useful tips for dutch oven camping. Purchasing only the necessary dutch oven equipment and accessories instead of spending a fortune on every device is one of the tips. If you want to build
non-stick surface that is strong on your oven, you will be required to learn about seasoning your cast iron. Rubbing the inside of your oven with vegetable oil before you start cooking will ensure that the seasoning layer is improved each time.

If this is done consistently; the surface will be made non-stick. The need to maintain your seasoning layer will force you to vary what you cook. Acidic ingredients like tomatoes eating away your layer is the reason for this. The burndown time for coals will vary depending on the wind conditions. If you need to cook for long, you should ensure that you have enough fresh coal. Using a natural bristle hand broom to sweep off the coal to the side after you are done with replacing coal is another guideline.

You will be required to clean your oven as soon as you are through with cooking. Cleaning will become easy if the oven has a god layer of seasoning. Food will dry on the surface if you let it sit for long hours; therefore heavy scrubbing which will damage the seasoning layer will be a must. Rotating the dutch oven lid often when cooking will help prevent hotspots on your food.

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