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What You Need to Know About Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a legal commodity in many parts of the globe. Many states made cannabis legal because of the proven benefits of CBD, which is one of the compounds found in cannabis. The legalization of marijuana has not only contributed positively to the medical industry but also the job market, seeing as this legalization opened up a lot of job opportunities. When you are trained in any marijuana dispensary course, you do not need to worry about not finding a job because more jobs are being posted on marijuana-related websites. If you are thinking about which field to join career-wise, the marijuana industry is a safe bet because its growth is expected to continue. The marijuana industry is filled with a wide variety of jobs. Here, we will be looking at some of the most popular jobs in the marijuana industry.

The first job we will be looking at is that of a budtender. A budtender is basically the go-to resource for customers looking to buy marijuana. They work in marijuana dispensaries and answer all questions related to marijuana. Since they deal with customers directly, budtenders have customer service skills. A background in sales is an added advantage if you are thinking about becoming a budtender.

Second on our list is edible makers. Medicinal marijuana is sold in many different forms. A lot of people today are going for edibles rather than regular marijuana. Edibles are not only easy to consume but also easy to absorb. Candy and baked goods are some of the most popular edibles. An as edible maker, your role will be coming up with edible recipes and preparing them. Edible makers are also hired in candy assembly and packaging lines. To get this job, one needs to have a food handlers’ certificate. If you have ever worked in the culinary industry before, then this is an added advantage.

You can also get a marijuana delivery person job. Doctors prescribe medical marijuana to many kinds of patients. You find that many of these patients are weak or suffering from chronic pain, and as such, getting their prescriptions directly from the marijuana dispensaries is not possible hence the need for delivery personnel. Home delivery persons are not the only delivery personnel in the cannabis industry seeing as truck drivers are also needed to transport cannabis from one location to another. To join the delivery team, you will need to have a driver’s license, no record of accidents, as well as no criminal record. Some cannabis companies also require their delivery staff to have cars with GPS trackers. Some states require every deliver person to have a medical marijuana permit. Communication skills are a must-have if you interact with customers.

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