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4 Easy Life Hacks on Getting the Perfect Eyebrows with Permanent Makeup

With your eyes acting as windows for your soul, your eyebrows are the finishing touch that makes a fancy frame while giving it life. It is therefore important to have a simple but effective routine on creating the perfect eyebrow makeup that speaks volume but still maintaining simplicity. We have compiled makeup advice from experts to give you four simple ways that you can properly fill-in, feather and develop a realistic tail looking brow.

1. Making use of flicking motions to develop realistic looking hairs

It is highly not recommended to fill in your brows while using a single and heavy handed strike from any product. TH main aim should be using small hair like strokes while using small flicking motions to be applied by an eye pencil. Alternatively, you can angle the brush which is dipped in the brow powder in the same direction that your hair grows.

2. Keeping the tail of brow in check

A droopy effect is created when you overextend the tail of your brows, making your face drop down and creating a sad look effect. Your brows should naturally stop at a place which lifts your face in a up and out manner. This should be maintained throughout the makeup routine. To measure the extent of which the tail of your brow ends, use a brow pencil placed diagonally at your nostril while lining it up on the side of your eye. At the place where your pencil strikes your brow bone is the place which marks the end of your eyebrow.

3. Developing a Believable Arch

With a point arch, you create a confused look on your face which gives off mixed reactions and vibe. In case you do not have a natural high arch but need to create a subtle one, it is recommended to hold a pencil placed against your nostril while lining it up diagonally at the center of your eye. This makes a natural arch more realistic.

The next step is using a spoolie brush to help in brushing your eyebrow hairs in a downward manner. This is followed with using your preferred blow product. Your show shape your brows realistically while creating a slight peak where your natural arch hits. The final step includes fluffing your brow hairs into place with the spoolie to ensure they all into place and manage to create a natural arch.

4. Buffing Your Harsh Lines Out

When mapping the shape of your brow with a pencil, you should avoid diffusing to create a different sign that comes off well drawn. For a fast fix, you should create a shape while using a small and hair like strokes whether when you are using a pencil or even an angled brush that is topped with a brow powder. You can also use a brow mascara then finish it off with a spoolie for buffing all the harsh lines with smooth but subtle back and front motions.

There easy steps make for a more realistic and natural eyebrows while hitting the natural high arch in the right manner. You should try out these steps for an easy makeup time for your eyebrows.

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